What is alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction refers to a state where one has unhealthy or rather dangerous drinking habits. This is can be seen when someone drinks everyday or takes large quantities of alcohol at a time When one is drunk, the ability to think straight is minimized and chances of doing things that one may not be able to do when they are conscious is so high. This is why one can make a wrong turn in life after embracing alcohol says the people at cornerstone rehab.

Many people with alcohol addiction have had many instances of broken relationships. Some miss going to job hence they end up getting fired. Whereas, others have found themselves in the jaws of law after falling into legal problems like driving when drunk. Repetitive neglect of home, work or school responsibilities.

At this juncture, then we can say that one is facing the predicament of alcohol addiction or abuse. Alcohol abuse is when one keeps taking alcohol even when it is causing them problems. For example it could be spoiling your marriage or causing health problems. One may develop dependence if there is a non-stop habit of taking alcohol.

This dependence is known as alcoholism. This is when you highly crave for or need alcohol by whatever cost. Here, one gets both mentally and physically affected and you cannot do anything constructive without drinking. The following are some of the signs that can help one to conduct a self test on alcoholism or alcohol addiction :People who spend so much time drinking or recovering from drinking or even abandon other important activities just to drink. Also, those who cannot control how much they drink have are experiencing alcohol addiction.

Another way to confirm dependency is when one develops a withdrawal symptoms the moment they choose to stop drinking. Vomiting, stomach aches, shaking, anxiety and sweating sets in every time they don’t drink. Another way to detect if one has alcohol addiction; is when one chooses to drink as a way to relax or de-stress.

However, there are ways that we can adapt to fight alcohol addiction. Medication is a crucial way of preventing and stopping alcohol addiction. Though at times some recovering alcoholics return to drink. Such situations may be difficult but they can be regulated by continuous therapy, strong social support and positive motivation.

In order to escape the alcohol addiction-menace, one has to is to keep off activities and avoid people who have a drinking habit. Also alcohol addicts have to stop smoking and drinking as well so as to achieve long-term abstinence. Otherwise, it is said that people who drink in moderation are less likely to develop addiction for alcohol. It is therefore upon ourselves to maintain our conscious mind when drinking. This is because that very drink which makes you forget troubles could be the best explanation for your life falling apart.

What is drug addiction and how to recover

Drug addiction is basically a dependence on a certain drug or medication. It is a complex disorder which is indicated by an uncontrollable drug use.People who are addicted to drugs are unable to control their urge for drugs and continue to use it despite its harmful effects. It causes an intense craving for the drug. People with severe drug addiction are unable to quit the drugs on their own. Drug addiction can cause many serious problems like physical and mental ailments says Cornerstone Rehabilitation. 

lt can also affect relationships. Drug addiction basically starts with an occasional use of the drug.Soon the urge for the drug increases.You may need the drug to just feel good.As the time passes you may also feel the need to take larger doses of the drug to get a high.There are several factors which may contribute to the development of drug addiction.

The common factors which can contribute are environment and genetics.The risk factors which can affect an individual are:–

Family history-Being male: Men are more prone to drug addiction than females-Peer pressure:It is a strong factor which can influence people specially youth-Anxiety: People can take drugs in order to cope with anxiety,depression and loneliness.

Drug addiction can cause many short term and long term consequences like family problems,work related problems,financial problems,legal issues and health related problems.

In order to recover from drug addiction you should see a doctor as soon as possible. You should attend the therapy sessions and counseling. The counseling with a therapist can help to cope with the drug abuse.

A therapist can also suggest strategies to avoid the drugs. You should also immediately seek drug addiction treatment if you have any signs or symptoms of other mental diseases. You can also join a support group. If you are addicted to a drug,you should take the necessary steps to prevent a relapse.You should monitor your cravings and stick with your treatment.You should continue to take the prescribed medication.You should stay away from high-risk situations.

You should also immediately get help from the doctor if you use the drug again. Overcoming a drug addiction requires a continuous effort.The best way to prevent an addiction is not to take the drug at all.You should also communicate and listen about the risks of drug use.You should set a good example for others by completely refraining from all sorts of drugs.